Biltong Pepper Steak Flavour 500g


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Premium Biltong

Pepper Steak Flavour

500 grams

Savour the robust taste of our Pepper Steak Biltong, meticulously crafted from top-quality Australian Beef. Drawing inspiration from the classic steakhouse favourite, this biltong is generously seasoned with cracked black pepper and a hint of garlic, embodying the essence of a perfectly grilled pepper steak. Available in 500g packs, it’s the ideal snack for those who crave the bold, meaty flavours of a traditional steak experience.

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Premium Biltong

Pepper Steak Flavour

500 grams

Introducing our Pepper Steak Biltong, a flavourful tribute to the iconic steakhouse classic, made with the finest Australian Beef. This biltong captures the intense, savory essence of a well-seasoned pepper steak, thanks to the liberal use of cracked black pepper and a careful balance of garlic and spices. Prepared in the traditional South African style, it offers a unique snack that’s as satisfying as it is delicious.

Each 500g pack of our Pepper Steak Biltong is a testament to our dedication to quality and flavour. The hearty, peppery notes are perfectly complemented by the subtle, aromatic undertones of garlic, creating a taste that’s both bold and refined. Ideal for steak lovers and those who appreciate a snack with character, our Pepper Steak Biltong is perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to solo snacking moments. Experience the rich, indulgent flavours that make our Pepper Steak Biltong a standout choice for discerning palates.

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