Jerky original flavour 500g


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Fresh Jerky

original flavour


Discover the classic taste of our Original Jerky, skilfully crafted from premium Australian Beef. Embracing the traditional South African technique, this jerky is seasoned to perfection, offering a timeless flavour that’s both pure and satisfying. Each 500g pack is a testament to the art of jerky making, ideal for those who appreciate the original essence of quality dried meat.

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Fresh Jerky

original flavour


Experience the authentic flavour of our Original Jerky, a homage to the simplicity and excellence of traditional jerky. Made with the finest Australian Beef and prepared using age-old South African methods, this jerky captures the quintessential taste that has been cherished for generations. It’s a celebration of minimalism, focusing on the natural richness of the beef complemented by a subtle blend of seasonings to enhance, not overpower, the meat’s inherent flavours.

Our Original Jerky is more than just a snack; it’s a piece of culinary heritage, brought to life in each 500g pack. Perfect for purists and connoisseurs alike, it offers a straightforward yet deeply satisfying taste experience, highlighting the quality of ingredients and craftsmanship involved. Whether enjoyed as a hearty snack on the go or as a versatile ingredient in your culinary creations, our Original Jerky delivers on the promise of uncompromised flavour and quality, making it a staple for any jerky enthusiast.

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