Jerky Chakalaka Flavour 500g


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Fresh Jerky

Chakalaka Flavour

500 grams

Delight in the vibrant taste of our Chakalaka Jerky, expertly made from the finest Australian Beef. Infused with the bold, spicy flavours of the traditional South African Chakalaka relish, this jerky marries heat with a medley of spices. Each 500g pack is a tribute to culinary diversity, offering an adventurous snack for those who love to explore rich, global tastes.

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Fresh Jerky

Chakalaka Flavour

500 grams

Embark on a flavourful journey with our Chakalaka Jerky, where premium Australian Beef meets the spirited essence of South Africa’s beloved Chakalaka relish. This jerky is a culinary masterpiece, capturing the essence of the traditional South African style with a modern twist. The unique blend of spices, including curry, garlic, peppers, and a hint of sweetness, creates a complex flavour profile that’s as exciting as it is satisfying.

Our Chakalaka Jerky stands as a symbol of our dedication to quality and innovation. Each 500g pack promises an unrivalled snack experience, perfect for those who seek not just heat, but a rich tapestry of flavours that tell a story with every bite. Ideal for moments of exploration or as a bold snack to share with friends, our jerky brings a piece of South African culinary tradition to your doorstep. Enjoy the robust, spicy, and slightly sweet flavours that make our Chakalaka Jerky a must-try for adventurous eaters and flavour enthusiasts alike.

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