Biltong Garlic Steak Flavour 500g


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Premium Biltong

Garlic Steak Flavour

500 grams

Relish in the rich, garlicky goodness of our Garlic Steak Biltong, carefully crafted from the finest Australian Beef. Infused with a hearty dose of garlic and traditional spices, this biltong captures the essence of a succulent garlic steak in every bite. Each 500g pack is a flavour-packed treat for garlic lovers and steak aficionados alike, offering a unique twist on the classic South African snack.

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Premium Biltong

Garlic Steak Flavour

500 grams

Indulge in the bold flavours of our Garlic Steak Biltong, where premium Australian Beef meets the intense aroma and taste of fresh garlic. Inspired by the beloved steakhouse dish, this biltong is generously seasoned with garlic, enhancing the natural richness of the meat with its distinctive, pungent flavour. Complemented by a careful selection of traditional spices, it’s prepared in the authentic South African style, resulting in a snack that’s both innovative and irresistibly tasty.

Our Garlic Steak Biltong is available in 500g packs, providing a substantial serving of this delectable treat. It’s the perfect choice for those who crave the combination of garlic’s robust flavour with the tender, savoury essence of steak. Ideal for any occasion, from casual snacking to gourmet gatherings, our Garlic Steak Biltong brings a slice of culinary excellence to your palate. Experience the unforgettable taste and top-notch quality of our Garlic Steak Biltong, a snack that’s sure to delight garlic enthusiasts and biltong lovers alike.

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