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Frequently Asked Questions

Beef jerky is a savoury, often spicy snack made from lean beef strips marinated in seasonings and sauces, then dried or smoked. It’s protein-rich, low in fat, and perfect for on-the-go snacking or outdoor adventures, offering a variety of flavours to suit different tastes.

The best way to store jerky to maintain its freshness and flavour is by keeping it in a cool, dry place. Here are some tips for optimal storage:

1. Airtight Containers 
2. Cool, Dry Place
3. Refrigeration
4. Vacuum Sealing

By following these storage guidelines, you can enjoy your jerky at its best for as long as possible!

“Our jerky undergoes meticulous preparation and packaging to guarantee optimal freshness. Unopened packages, when kept in a cool, dry environment, generally remain fresh for several months.

After opening, it’s best to enjoy the product within a week to experience its finest taste and quality.”

This is definitely not true. All quality Jerky products are made from premium ingredients.

Our Jerky is made from only the best Australian Beef.

We create all our Jerky in the traditional South African Style. South African style uses a unique blend of premium spices and herbs to achieve a rich, full flavour.

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