Jerky Red Wine And Garlic Flavour 500g


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Fresh Jerky

Red Wine And Garlic Flavour

500 grams

Discover the exquisite blend of flavours in our Red Wine and Garlic Jerky, crafted from premium Australian Beef. Each bite marries the richness of red wine with the aromatic depth of garlic, prepared in the authentic South African style. Available in 500g packs, it’s the perfect savoury treat for discerning palates.

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Fresh Jerky

Red Wine And Garlic Flavour

500 grams

Indulge in the sophisticated taste of our Red Wine and Garlic Jerky, a gourmet snack that transcends the ordinary. Sourced from the finest Australian Beef, this jerky is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavour. Prepared following traditional South African methods, we’ve infused each tender strip of beef with the bold, luxurious essence of red wine, complemented by the unmistakable aroma of garlic. This unique combination creates a jerky experience that is both rich in taste and heritage.

Our Red Wine and Garlic Jerky is more than just a snack; it’s a culinary journey. Each 500g pack is carefully curated to ensure the perfect balance of flavours, offering a robust and satisfying treat that’s ideal for any occasion. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment alone or sharing with friends, our jerky brings a touch of sophistication to your snack time. Experience the unmistakable quality and unparalleled taste of our jerky, shipped directly to you in the perfect portion to savour and enjoy.

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